Fixed Based Simulator

The Boeing 737 800 – NG Flight Simulator

This flight simulator is a full replica of a Boeing 737 – 800 NG

Although it is a fixed based simulator, below is what you will experience


The world really is your oyster with over 24,000 flight destinations on offer at this flight simulator in Warwickshire! Most of us have been on a big commercial jet at some point, but rather than flicking through the duty free catalogue and paying over the top for a lukewarm coffee, on this flight you will be up front in the flight deck! Hidden in the Warwickshire countryside, there’s no indication from the outside of this building that you will be tackling perhaps a lightning storm over New York, or bringing the plane in to land with one engine down. Of course, none of these scenarios are real, but it does indeed all feel very real. As you pull the curtain back to step up into the cockpit, it’s all dimmed lights, dials, gauges, levers and screens just as you’d expect. If you’ve never flown before you won’t know where to start with it all, but that’s where your pilot instructor comes in with the tips and help. What’s more, this Warwickshire simulator team have flown more flights than we’ve had hot dinners, but in essence it’s you in charge.