Flight Experiences


When it comes to your Boeing 737 Simulator experience, we will tailor it around you. So if you have any particular airports you would like to visit then just let us know before you enter the simulator. We have over 24,000 airports loaded on our Flight simulator system.


When it comes to the pre flight briefings we like to keep them as short as possible. This is because it would allow more time for flying and checking out more interesting scenarios. However, if at any time you want to ask a question then we can either engage the Autopilot or pause the flight.


If you have no idea what you want to do then don't worry. Because of our experience working with customers, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Due to a recent Simulator upgrade you are now able to have minor or catastrophic failures. They can range from a simple brake failure to a major engine fire. The difficulty of your simulator experience is entirely up to you.


We also have Weather on our simulator, so if you wanted to attempt a landing at Birmingham Airport in a thunderstorm then just ask. The weather can play a significant part in your simulator experience

If you want a smooth flight then fine weather would be suitable. However, if you wanted a roller coaster ride, then a Blizzard or Thunderstorm may be more challenging.

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Would you like to see more?

Click on the coloured Continents below and it will bring up some of our best airports. We are constantly upgrading our airports so keep an eye on this page.



England-Birmingham Airport-EGBB

Birmingham-Airport-runway-extension Birmingham airport is a very popular request with our customers. We enjoy flying out of it as well because the main runway faces perpendicular to the prevailing winds, it can cause severe crosswinds making for a difficult takeoff and landing. It is also chosen, for the touring aspect of the west midlands. As a lot of our customers are from the Birmingham area, it is a nice way to see your area from a different perspective.  Back in 2014, a large extension to the runway was constructed as seen above. This makes it more suitable for beginners, as a long runway means more opportunity.

Austria-Innsbruck Kranebitten-LOWI


Innsbruck is one of the most difficult airports we have loaded on our system. At an altitude of 2,000 foot AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level), is a very popular ski resort. The airport at the heart of the town is surrounded by towering mountains, reaching a height of 8,000ft. Due to the thinness of the air at the airport, the time taken for the aircraft to accelerate down the runway will increase. So due to the runways short length, the aircraft will need to be as light as possible. To land at this airport, you must be qualified. This is due to the weather and terrain hazards that are around this area.



Copenhagen-Airport-from-airKastrup airport is the main airport to serve Denmark's capital city of Copenhagen. With the iconic Sweden to Denmark bridge, why not give this scenic airport a try. This is a nice easy airport to land at, however, it will become much harder given the opportunity of a thunderstorm or snow shower. This airport comes highly recommended as a first attempt.

Iceland-Reykjavík Airport-BIRK500px-Reykjavik_Airport_aerial

Reykjavík Airport is the main airport to serve the capital city of Iceland. With a very scenic approach and landing, why not give this a go. With the option to turn the island of Iceland into a winter wonderland, this provides both a surreal experience along with certain challenges. The runway at this aerodrome is very short, so it is necessary that you slow the aircraft down to stall speed. If you want a challenge, then Reykjavik is your choice.


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