Overcome your Fear of Flying

The Fear of Flying sessions are specifically tailored to help people overcome their fear of flying on a one to one basis.

Anyone who has suffered from anxiety about flying will be shown how a plane works and help them to feel more comfortable when boarding a flight. We offer these sessions for anyone who wants to face their fears and gain a greater understanding of how an aircraft is controlled by seeing first hand all the safety measures and systems that pilots have to keep their passengers safe.


The Course Content Includes


A qualified pilot will explain how an aeroplane fly's and the procedures involved, an understanding of all the noises that a plane makes during flight and explain what happens in emergencies and the systems to prevent collisions.


You will then take off from an airport for a short flight with a qualified pilot who will explain all the procedures involved in flight, we will then do an approach and landing, this would typically be from Heathrow to Stansted.


The course duration is approximately 3 hours and includes a buffet lunch


By demystifying the process of commercial flight we hope that we can make you confident enough to just sit back, relax and enjoy your next real flight.


The Course Price is £139 Per Person



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