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Discover what it’s like to pilot a Boeing 737 or enjoy driving a formula1 racing car. We are a professional family business with a friendly atmosphere situated in 500 acres of beautiful countryside.We are situated between Stratford Upon Avon and Henley in Arden and have close access to the M40 and M42.


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Why not try the once in a life time opportunity to pilot a Boeing 737-800 NG. With over 24,000 airports to choose from, the world is your oyster. We don't believe in the sit back and relax method of flying, with many scenarios to choose from you can tailor your experience depending on what you prefer. If you are stuck for choice, then you may like to visit our scenarios page.


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Airline Simulator Assessments

The most cost effective simulator is our fixed base Boeing 737- 800 NG simulator (Next Generation). We have a 180 degree panoramic screen with stunning graphics and a much higher resolution than some of the full motion simulators. We use a Boeing Flight dynamics package, to ensure that the aircraft flies exactly like the real thing. The simulator assessment will prepare you for your Airline Simulator check ride.

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Corporate Events & Parties

Now you can have a corporate event that will come within budget and it will really take off. At Warwickshire Flight Experience we can offer you some great possibilities for your corporate events, evening entertainments, Christmas and Birthday parties and office events. The program you select will be tailored to your budget and your expectations, as well as the number of people in your group.

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Fear Of Flying Course

If the idea of boarding a plane makes you feel queasy and uncomfortable, then why not come down to the Warwickshire Flight Experience centre. We run a full days course, with specialist therapists and airline pilots.

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 Tea or Coffee?

We pride ourselves on First class customer service, So taking a page out of Virgin Atlantics book, we provide complimentary teas, coffee's, soft drinks and biscuits. 


At the Warwickshire Flight Experience, you have the ability to record videos and take photographs of your time on the flight deck, this allowance comes at no extra cost.